MMA Agility Resistance Band

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Speed & Agility Resistance Band designed to give you a killer workouts. Main Functions of the band is comprehensively improve leg strength and explosive force; stretch. The band is easy to use, while can use in Kicking, Latter Drills, MMA Footwork, Boxing Footwork. Professionals also use the band for Explosive Exercises


Made with durable polyester and rubber fabric the weighted rope is designed for long lasting use, forget about your rope fraying, or ripping at all. The rope diameter is 25mm and the length is 3meter. Challenge your coreendurance, and strength during high-intensity trainingWeighted rope training requires full body movements that engage your core and upper body like no other tool. 


  • Style: Two-tube type
  • Color: Green & Red
  • Material: TPR
  • packing list: Main belt*1 foot ring*2 webbing tension tube*2 storage bag*1